Adult Group Lesson



All Mountain Snowsports offers complete beginner group ski lessons all the way through to clinics working on steeps, bumps & off-piste. Groups are formed of skiers of a similar ability. Our instructors work hard to establish your goals for the week early on. You’ll develop your skiing in a fun environment, meet new people and enjoy yourself.

Small Groups - Maximum of 4 Skiers

Social skiing in a small class

Excellent Value for Money

Shared cost but with lots of attention

British, English Speaking Ski Instructors

Great company and engaging conversation in your own language

Local Knowledge

Ski instructors with decades of experience in the Portes du Soleil


Group lessons in Morzine, Les Get and Avoriaz are run according to demand, so as a small school we don’t always have every level or age group running each week. To confirm a group lesson we require a minimum number of people. We will not cancel groups due to not having enough people – we’ll always give you the options to either pay for the extra person or to reduce the duration of the lessons. You won’t miss out.


Group lessons are for all abilities from age 15 upwards. They’re a cost effective option for first-timers right the way through to seasoned skiers who take their sport seriously!


You’ve never slid on snow or perhaps had a taster at an artificial ski slope in the UK where you learned how to put your skis on and slide. We’ll give you a solid grasp of the basics like carrying and putting on your equipment, sliding around on the flat, getting back up after a fall, staying safe on the slopes and using ski lifts.

Through the week’s group lessons you’ll develop skills that allow you to manage your speed, turn left and right and safely ski down slopes in the beginner areas or green slopes.

[Levels 0-1]

You’re comfortable turning on greens and the odd easy blue slope. You’re sometimes finding the inside ski gets stuck or your skis slide sideways a lot at the end of the turn without taking you across the hill.

We’ll develop how you use the edges of your skis to give you more control of your speed and direction. We’ll also help improve your balance between your skis so they do the things you want them to, when you want them to.

[Levels 2-3]

On easier blue slopes you find snowplough turns easy. Your turns often now finish with your skis parallel – without deliberately trying. You still like having lots of space around you but you’re becoming more balanced on your skis as they move from turn to turn.

Explore More group lessons will develop your ability to make these turns (plough parallels) more consistently and take the next step towards full parallel turns. Whilst we’ll challenge you with the tasks we set you rather than the slopes we ski on, the skills you will learn will prepare you for steeper blue and easier red slopes.

[Levels 3-4]

Your parallel turns are awesome on blues but on red slopes you still start your turns with a small snowplough when conditions are tough. The next step is to ski as well on red slopes – it’s a big jump.

We’ll be working on increasing your control at faster speeds and giving you the confidence to ski steeper slopes. By the end of the week you should feel well equipped to ski a variety of slopes and be able to adapt your technique to cope with changing terrain.

[Levels 5-6]

You’re now confidently skiing red slopes and possibly the odd easy black. You now want to develop your skills to deal with a host of more challenging conditions such as steeper slopes, icy-snow, bumps and easy off-piste.

Many of these skills will be learned on piste but we’ll take every opportunity we get to ski in varied terrain that’s suitable for your ability and what you want to get from the sessions. By the end of the week you’ll be a far more confident, efficient and versatile skier who’s able to choose the right approach for the slope and conditions ahead of you.

[Levels 7-8]

5 days x 2 hours

Learn to Turn,
Greens to Blues

£ 270 per person
  • Mon-Fri
  • 09:15-11:15
  • 11:30-13:30

3 day x 3 hours

Explore More,
Further & Faster

£ 245 per person
  • Mon, Wed, Fri
  • 09:00-12:00
  • 14:00-17:00

2 day x 3 hours


£ 165 per person
  • Tue & Thur
  • 09:00-12:00
  • 14:00-17:00